Expanding Vocabulary

Yesterday, in my reading, I came across a post talking about a "Verb Wheel" to help students choose more descriptive verbs for their writing. For the emerging writer, it's a great idea to provide all the support that you can.  I tracked back from the message to the source which was a blog post from … Continue reading Expanding Vocabulary


OTR Links 11/02/2014

Instagram RT @AlanaCallan: Getting excited about #bit14 next week? We've got lots of excellent presentations... http://t.co/3TGnzrapmc tags: bit14 via:packrati.us Youth on Youtube: An Interview with Katya | the spicy learning blog ~ education, technology, parenting, teaching, learning MT @royanlee: So many of our students have secret lives as YouTube "celebs". hear two of their stories? … Continue reading OTR Links 11/02/2014