A World of Mathematics

That’s the claim of Mathigon.  If you love mathematics (and who doesn’t), be prepared to spend all kinds of time at this web resource. I actually stumbled into the World of Mathematics by accident but, wow, I’m so glad that I did.  I wa actually looking for some origami resources and fell into a linkContinue reading “A World of Mathematics”

OTR Links 12/24/2013

Twitter / Nubleys: #darkTO City of #Toronto’s … RT @Nubleys: #darkTO City of #Toronto’s skyline last night. #icestorm2013 #freaky #torontoicestorm #darktoronto http://t.co/mSsHRh0UOD tags: darkTO via:packrati.us freaky darktoronto torontoicestorm icestorm2013 Toronto’s Twitter / tailormann: This is the most Canadian thing … RT @tailormann: This is the most Canadian thing ever to happen. #darkTO #icestorm2013 http://t.co/JIkPkdAWTS tags:Continue reading “OTR Links 12/24/2013”