When Upgrading

Well, the whole world seems to be going ga-ga with the new release of iOS and iPhones from Apple.  Despite how you feel about the company and its products, you certainly have to give them an A for their marketing.  Watching the news on Friday morning, the news anchors are showing their products on televisionContinue reading “When Upgrading”

OTR Links 09/21/2013

iPads, 1:1, BYOD Best Practices | Scoop.it “iPads, 1:1, BYOD Best Practices Successes of integrating technology in the classroom” tags: ipads best practices practices Visual Guide to Colors and Their Emotions [Infographic] – Business 2 Community @ron_mill @markwcarbone Now I know…. http://t.co/zzgFn4BZIO tags: via:packrati.us iOS 7: What Your Teachers and Students Need to Know –Continue reading “OTR Links 09/21/2013”