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I’ll be honest about this.  I “blog from the hip”.  If you read the About Me here, I let you know that I will blog about anything that grabs my interest at any point in time.  I try to write in a conversational tone because, quite honestly, that’s what I like to read in another’s blog.  Something that looks like a doctorate research post immediately loses my interest.  As you know, there’s no shortage of things to read so it’s quite easy to move on.

I haven’t always enjoyed writing.  I was big in mathematics, sciences and computer sciences in school.  In fact, the only English courses that I took were compulsory.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t necessarily do well – I don’t like to be told to do things.  For any English teachers reading this blog, I was the kid in your class that, when you assign an essay, would raise my hand immediately and ask how long it had to be.

It’s just so ironic that I enjoy writing/blogging now.  To the defense of my English teachers, a great deal of what you taught must have stuck because I remember many of the rules for writing as I work my way though a post.  Much as I enjoy writing, I’ll confess that I don’t enjoy proofreading.  Remember this post?

Recently, I had a little back and forth with Linda Aragoni about proofreading and my lack of skills.  She shared a technique that she advocates called “Single Error Editing”.

It’s an interesting approach to what I really consider a tough task.  I think I may check it out and see if it works for me.

In addition to her “its/it’s” check, I think that one should add “there/their/they’re” to the list.  Perhaps even an online test.

I also wonder about blogging in the classroom.  What proofreading techniques work well there?  Do we want students to be the best writers that they can be or is this another computer activity reserved for “lab time”.  Maybe it’s gut check time – when you’re classroom blogging, do you treat the end product as you would any other writing piece?  Or, is getting the blog set up and working and students using it the goal?

I’d really enjoy your thoughts.

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