Devouring Video

Who doesn’t like watching a good video?

According to the YouTube Official Blog, “more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.”  At least, that was the statistic back in May when they created that post.  Who knows how much more is available now?  And, that’s just on the one video service.  As we know, there are plenty more sources available for the video connoisseur.  How do you find the best stuff?  Certainly, sharing among friends on social network is one way.

How can you expand your video choices then?

Enter Devour.  Even their “About” page is an interesting read!

You can see from the titles that there’s a great deal of entertainment videos but Devour claims to give you the best of the best.  Their approach does give you the video in a clean format without the silly comments to the original and the distracting “related videos” on the side.

Ever in search of self improvement, I just had to check out products that I’ve been using wrong.

I’ve got some tips although I must admit that I don’t have problems with drinking from a pop can with a straw.

I thought that the video might also serve as inspiration in the classroom for student created videos.  Having students look around the school and identifying things that they’re doing incorrectly could serve as the genesis for some fun and useful video.

In the meantime, the service does quickly take the visitor to a nice collection of videos.  And, of course if you really get into it, there’s an app for that.


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