Primary/Junior Classrooms at #ECOO13

Start them early and start them wisely!  With the backing of the Ontario Association of Junior Educators, Cameron Steltman will lead a Wednesday Workshop specifically geared towards teachers with primary and junior classroom responsibilities.  If your new teaching assignment includes this division or if you are looking for ideas / motivation for your classroom, this workshop is for you.

A couple of years ago, I had the chance to work with OAJE that was supposed to result in a new OAJE website.  Instead, we turned it into a social media, teacher supported collection of resources.  Cameron has been instrumental in pushing the web presence for OAJE.

Now, you’ll find them:

The complete #ECOO13 program may be viewed on Lanyrd here:

Register for #ECOO13 here:


Integrating I.T. Into the Primary/Junior Classroom

This hands-on workshop will focus on helping teachers develop an interactive, technology based, learning management system that will allow them to engage and inspire learners of all ages. Participants will come away with e-portfolios set up for each of their students, web 2.0 tools to fill these portfolios, as well as the chance to create, collaborate, and utilize technology that they will then be able to take back to their class.

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