A List for Learning

Any day now, there are many educators that will be starting Additional Qualification courses over the summer.  There are a couple of things that will be certain to happen during these courses. Some sort of goofy ice-breaking, get-to-know-ya activity.  This activity will definitely take up at least the first hour of any course.  They are … Continue reading A List for Learning


OTR Links 07/02/2013

Rockmelt This Is How Mobile Social Learning Really Works - via @Rockmelt for iPad http://t.co/VIfqk1CxeA tags: via:packrati.us Rockmelt Math videos and demos by kids for kids - via @Rockmelt for iPad http://t.co/zeldTg8HYY tags: via:packrati.us Rockmelt Welcome to the Inside Mathematics Website - via @Rockmelt for iPad http://t.co/0kiGHXvPAJ tags: via:packrati.us MindMup: Zero-Friction Free Online Mind Mapping … Continue reading OTR Links 07/02/2013