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Here are some of the goodies that I ran into this week from Ontario Edubloggers.


Do You Do The Countdown

Sue Dunlop has the solution for ensuring that students remain engaged in school right up until the last day.  Read how it happened in her school this year.


If it works for the end of the school year, how about the time leading into major holidays like Christmas or March Break?  Or just a long weekend?  Maybe she should bottle it and pass it around?


Le français sans frontières: Teaching Core French to a Diverse Classroom

Natasha Feghali has a post that itemizes just a tonne of ways to engage reluctant learners in an FSL classroom.


There are so many great ideas here.  I really like the concept of recreating a French marketplace in the classroom and, of course, the ideas that she shared about how she uses technology with her students.


Must We Teach Social Media Etiquette?

Recently, Royal Lee through out some bait for readers of his blog about social media etiquette and I bit.  He starts by musing about teaching just plain ol’ etiquette in our classrooms.  I would suggest that this is all part of character education and, in a reply to Royan, I let him know that absolutely we need to be addressing social media etiquette.  Don’t we lay out expectations for classroom interactions?  Don’t we review how to act on field trips?


If students are going to be online as a classroom activity, in mind, absolutely.  If it’s not expected in the classroom, how can we question inappropriate behavious when they go online at home?


Twitter for Teachers – It’s Not About The Numbers

I love it when I read a post that nails it.  In this recent post from A Fly on the Classroom Wall, the topic turns to numbers on twitter.  What numbers do you pay attention to?  What do you ignore?


Or do you just ignore it and keep on keeping on?

I think that most people are at least curious in the beginning…nobody wants to be doing their thing in a vacuum.  However, once you get rolling, the checks become less frequent.  Having just typed that, now I’m curious about myself.  Do I want to increase or decrease numbers?  Nah.  This post has it right.  The numbers are there so the researchers can have something to research.  The interesting content is what keeps us coming back for more!


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