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Of all the things that I write about on this blog, my favourite ones happen on Fridays when I can share with you the enjoyment that I have in reading other people’s work.

This week is no different.  Check out some terrific blog posts.



Tammy Wilcox wrote a beautiful piece in the LDAWE Blog that I think everyone should read and pause to think about her words.  I think it should be read and reflected upon at every teacher pre-service course.

In the post, she describes learning about ADD/ADHD.  It’s very personal and I think every parent can empathize with it.  I’d suggest reading it a few times from different perspective.  Put yourself in the role of parent.  Put yourself in the role of student.  Put yourself in the role of the educator.

Can you think of a better piece to describe education, parenting, growing up, dealing with the unknown?


Media Projects

Imagine going to France to see a museum and walking away with all kinds of ideas for media in the classroom!  That’s what Angie Harrison did.

I totally agree with her synopsis…next to the Super Bowl is there a bigger media event than the Olympics?

Seeing an exhibit of keychains through the ages inspired her thoughts for ideas to enable educators to “seize the moment” and go beyond some of the simple activities that are so often found.  In the post, she provides a nice collection of starting points.  I’m sure that you can find even more and, if you do, make sure that you share them back.


Ode To An Amazing Journey: Or I Can’t Believe They Paid Me To Do This For 28 Years!

Michael Redfearn and I would cross paths occasionally.  Geographically, Waterloo Region and Essex County require a concerted effort to get from one to the other.  But, at Western RCAC Symposia, eLearningOntario events, and ECOO conferences did afford a chance to get together, at least in passing for a chat.

When you work regularly with someone, you do end up knowing when they’re ready to call it a day for their career and then move on.  Sadly, I had to find this by reading his blog.

He created a very nice, reflective piece that showed some of the highlights of a terrific career.

I wish him all the best as he takes on his next challenge.


What Do We Care About?

Donna Fry’s latest post talks about an issue that she is obviously very passionate about.  It made me think about things around here.  I’m a dog walker, cyclist, and driver on the local roads.

It’s not always safe for any of us.

As a dog walker, Jaimie and I often have to head to the shoulder and sometimes even further when the oncoming traffic doesn’t give us respect.  We walk against the traffic and keep our eyes open.  It’s amazing, especially first thing in the morning, to see people eating, drinking, applying makeup, and using a cell phone obviously not giving full attention to driving.

As a cyclist, I travel with the traffic.  I stop at stop signs and I signal.  It would be nice to enjoy the ride but you have to be constantly aware of your surroundings, people that don’t stop at stop signs, or cars that don’t give you much respect.

Donna speaks specifically of the road from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie but her plea should be heard by everyone who uses public roads.


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