Computer Science Planning, Day #3

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And the tools and techniques just keep on coming.

That’s the thought that I have as I dig into the Grade 12 courses.  In this particular, I’m digging into the strand entitled Software Development.  In both courses, “Project Management” is a significant section.  The implication to the classroom is that we’re now digging into major projects that will request some planning and managing over a period of time.

Depending upon the course, you’ll notice a good collection of suggested tools.  Gantt charts, PERT charts, wikis, calendars, schedules to plan and schedule a project from beginning to conclusion.  Along the way, there are review and refinement cycles.  Particularly in the Grade 12 course, you’ll see a focus on user specifications.  After all, if you are developing code, it needs to be appropriate to the person who is driving the need.

Very clearly, in both courses, there is an expectation of good communication as the software development proceeds according to project specifications. 

In course development, it is going to be very important to focus on the achievement charts, and at present I’m tied to the Application category where students will be “Making connections within and between various contexts.”  Properly done, this should really draw an importance to the types of projects that will be used to engage students.

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