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There are friends and then there are friends when it comes to folks that you follow on Facebook.  There has been much talk about the new interface.  It has taken on a Twitter-like approach to displaying information when you log in.  I’ve been told that I like clutter but in reality, I like having much information on the screen as it cuts down on the amount of scrolling.

I enjoy reading the status updates on Facebook; it gives me a sense of what my slice of the world is up to.  However, there are some groups that I especially hunt out first.  For example, “Family” is important to me.  “Work Folks” is important.  “OSAPAC members is important”.  When I check updates, I’d like to do it a group at a time rather than the chronological order that is the Facebook default.

You can change this by creating groups of friends.  Here’s how.

First, select the Friends Menu from the top navigation bar.

Secondly, in the left hand menu, you’ll see the option to start a new list.  Go ahead and create it with a suitable name.
In this case, I’m going to create an OSAPAC group.

Select members of this group list you would for any other list that you would have on Facebook.  You can begin to type a name or pick multiple people from the list of everyone you’re following.
Thirdly, save the list and you’re almost there.

When you return to the your home, you’ll see the new groups in the left menu bar.  Click on the desired group and only the updates of the group members appear on your page.  You can quickly pick and choose and see what’s happening within the groups of people you’ve selected.  Depending upon how many groups you create, you may have to expand the list shown by clicking on “more”.

If you find yourself checking one group more often than others, you can set a default group when you log in.  The normal default is your “News Feed” which is a list of everyone.  Simply drag the group that you want to closely monitor to the top of the list and that’s the first thing that you’ll see whenever you log in.


Quick, and to the point, and groups of friends may help you stay updated in a whole new way.

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