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It would be nice to think that people who visit your blog do so because they are devoted followers and know that there’s something worthwhile to read.  I still live with that delusion and that inspires me to ramble on periodically.  For those of you who are regulars, thank you so much.

But, how do people find you in the first place?  Perhaps you visited my website and noted the link there.  Perhaps you were referred by someone else.  Perhaps you had some sort of morbid curiosity by the 140 characters that are posted to Twitter.  Perhaps it was forced reading from some course or workshop that you were taking.

Or, perhaps you just stumbled into it.

One of the nice things about a hosted solution on WordPress is the huge collection of statistics that come with your blog.  By reading and analysing, you know all about where you sit in the grand scheme of things.

This morning, as I check out the overnight traffic, I see the following as “referrers”.  This means that someone clicked on a link at this site to get to mine.  This gives a sense of just where visitors come from just before they got here.  A referrer from a search engine would tell me that they were looking for something and I was one of the results.

That certainly isn’t the only statistic that’s available.  For example, in the following, I get a sense of what people were searching for when they found me.  Gasp.  Someone’s looking for malware and found me?  What’s up with that?

A quick look and reflection gives you a true perspective of just what the “web” means.  Even something seemingly simple like an educational blogger attracts visitors from very diverse origins.  In the classroom, such data can certainly be used, interpreted, and help students draw conclusions about just what being published to the web means.

You never know where your next visitor will be coming from.  It’s such a rush to think that people actually are finding you somehow.

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