Why Wouldn’t You?

If you’re still looking for a reason to get and stay connected via Twitter, then you need to check this story from CNN.  I believe it to be a glimpse into the future.

Police department twittering?  Why not?  It’s free and a massive way to send a message to the masses.  Sure, we have television and newspapers for local news stories but that requires that you are in a time and location to be able to access it.

With the mobile web, a blast from a central source has the potential to hit you where you happen to be and to be persistent should you need to be away from it for the moment.  Think of the possibilities.

As you drive into Toronto as an example, there are overhead signs on the 401 that let you know of impending traffic issues.  But, there’s nothing to let you know that there’s an immediate issue on Dundas Street.  However, if police or a traffic control source could send out a tweet, you could check it as you rush out the door or on your mobile device.

As more people embrace this technology and start to leverage it as a key part of their daily lives, there is an enormous potential to change the way that we do business.  Unlike bloated websites with their sponsorships and massive links to advertising and every other related resource, Twitter messages are short, to the point, and on topic.

What more do you need when you need to immediately know the facts?

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