With most of my golfing buddies, we use this term quite often.  A Mulligan is a “do over” – a second chance to make it right – it’s why they put erasers on pencils.  It’s why you have quick and easy access on your cart to a collection of balls.  I can take my mulligan and then go to the water trap to rescue the first ball.

At work, we use FirstClass as an email system.  When you send an email to another teacher, you certainly don’t want to include spelling errors because, as a breed, we really are overly critical.  That’s part of what we get paid for!  With FirstClass, there’s a really helpful button for mulligans.

Unsend is really handy.  As long as you’re sending a message to another person on the same system, you can unsend a message to correct that spelling error and resend it.  It’s not perfect – if the person is waiting for you message and immediately opens it, or if they automatically forward messages to another system, or if the email is directed to someone not on the same system, you’re caught.  However, I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve successfully pulled back a message to fix this or that.  It’s a great feature and I really appreciate it.

Yesterday, Gmail announced that the it has added the same functionality to its service.  You do have to go into your Gmail settings as it isn’t on by default but you can now add the option to unsend a message.  According to the documentation on the Official Gmail blog, you don’t have forever to save face.  Gmail simply holds your message for five seconds before it sends it.  I find that the logic confirms my habit – send the message and then proofread it.  A better work habit would be to reverse these steps but we’re only human after all.

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It may not be a feature that you use daily but I’d suggest that it’s something worthy of turning on just in case you need to avoid some embarrassment somewhere along the line.

While you’re in the configuration, check out all of the other features that let you make Gmail more responsive to your needs.

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