Reflections from Rollout

It was an incredible day for a rollout.  In a cool room, we dug into the new Computer Studies document and spent a very productive time doing it.  There was a great deal of good and creative discussion and ideas to help us be successful with the mandatory implementation for September 2009.

One of the sections in the new curriculum talks about the role of ICT in Computer Science.  While this may seem like a natural fit, the question becomes how?  In 2004, I had created the Computer Science Project Research and Development Webquest.  Even at that time, the suggestion was to use a wiki to allow the students the opportunity to build and collaborate.  I am going to have to dig back into that webquest and make it relevant for the new curriculum.  I’m thinking that it won’t be a too terribly big job but more than ever the use of wikis supports student learning well.

Whenever you dig into the online tools, you do have to do so with your eyes open.  We need to be constantly aware of the “low hanging fruit”.  There are some pretty low level applications where the inclusion really doesn’t make the use worthwhile.  We need to constantly strive for the best that’s out there.

I ran into the above graphic on the Visual Bloom‘s wiki yesterday.  Quite graphically, it reminds us that not all applications have the same educational payoff.  As we incorporate these things into our practice, we need to reach higher and push to get the best value for the time spent online.

And, certainly for teachers, look and add your own resources to delicious using the tab icsxx.

It was an invigorating day and I know that the real winners will be the students who enjoy the new ICS courses.

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