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February 2009

  • Firefox Memory

    Image via CrunchBase This post is part of an exercise for the Expand our Boundaries workshop.  We’re supposed to find an article of interest and blog about it.  So, what to do?  Usually, I’m good for one blog post a day and then my passion for the moment is shot! So, looking for passion, I… Continue reading

  • Expanding Boundaries

    Day 1 of our professional development event sponsored by OTF and ECOO is in the books.  Technically, there was a glitch or two as technology doesn’t always play nice at things like this but overall, participants left with their boundaries definitely expanded. Unless napping, the folks in the room (100-200?) all have Twitter and Delicious… Continue reading

  • links for 2009-02-27

    Are You Safe? Are You Safe lets you know how safe you are at all times based on your current location within the city. (tags: iphone apple mac mobile safety stats usa ipod) Social Media for Business: The Dos & Don'ts of Sharing It doesn’t matter if you’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr; your online… Continue reading

  • Give a Day, Get a Day

    How’s that for a title?  It could well describe what’s going to happen this Friday and Saturday.  OTF and ECOO have jointly sponsored a two-day workshop called “Expanding our Boundaries“.  The workshop is a full two days of activities designed to help Ontario educators embrace some of the new collaborative web technologies. The session is… Continue reading

  • links for 2009-02-26

    Once Upon A Teacher: From PLN to P-L-A-N for Moving our School Forward That's what I love about being connected with so many educators, there is always a new idea, always something new to learn and always someone to support you as you try to build a PLN for your workplace. (tags: pln blog education… Continue reading