My First Twitter Message

We all have life’s most embarrassing moments. With the miracle of technology, connectivity, and social media, we can now share them online.  And, as we tell our students (or should be telling our students), what goes online stays there forever.  Somewhere, somehow. Twitter now has the ability for you to view your entire Twitter history. Continue reading “My First Twitter Message”

The Sweater

Bill Belsey knows his Canadiana.  I mean, how many people could make the Twitter handle @Inukshuk work?  I met Bill when we both were presenting at the Teacher2Teacher conference in Alberta.  We had a great conversation there about First Nations and I’ve followed him on Twitter ever since. In my Twitter stream today, I caughtContinue reading “The Sweater”

The One, er, Two Million Tweet Map

If you’re looking for something to demonstrate Twitter in action, go no further than the One Two Million Tweet Map. This is a very interesting implementation of just what can be done when you mix content from the Twitter API with a mapping application. The application watches Twitter and maps the latest Twitter messages onContinue reading “The One, er, Two Million Tweet Map”

Self-Analysis of Twitter Etiquette

I read this post from Malhar Bahai “12 Most Basic Twitter Etiquette Tips” and found it really hit the mark.  Just sharing it was too simple so I decided to use it as a checkup for myself.  Here are my thoughts… 1. Don’t be an Egg Head Got it!  I absolutely agree.  Personally, I generallyContinue reading “Self-Analysis of Twitter Etiquette”

Fun with Lists

  There’s a lot to be said about Twitter lists.  It’s a great way to organize and categorize those you follow by category.  There are even services that will create one for you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.  When you use a Twitter client that lets you browse lists, youContinue reading “Fun with Lists”