Watching the World Tweet

There are some things that I can just sit there and watch for hours on end.  One such thing is Ministry of Transportation cameras.  When you realize that every car caught on camera has a story about why they’re there, what they’re doing, how quickly they’re moving, etc., it is just fascinating.

As I write this blog post, I’m taking a peek at the construction zone on the 401 near Highway 3.  There’s always something to see if you look up and down the construction of the Herb Gray Parkway.  So much traffic, and yet, to each person, what they’re doing is so important.

Tweetping lets you do the same thing with Twitter.

You can absolutely sit back and watch the world tweet.

The statistics are shown real time and updates in front of your eyes.  Watch the number of message just stream by according to continent.  Once you get the concept and watch the volume, take a look near the bottom.  You’ll see reference to the most recent posts that include hashtags.  That even further extends the interest.  You’re looking at humanity talking.  Isn’t it humbling?

There’s a little tab on the screen that lets you hide/reveal the statistics.

You may want to drop the statistics and just let Tweetping paint the world with Twitter messages for you.  Again, it’s all live.  What a great (and free) source of raw data to discuss internet use, developing nations, etc.

Check out Tweetping.  You may just get as hooked on it as I am.

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10 thoughts on “Watching the World Tweet

  1. I found it interesting that Singapore, Malasia, etc. are so brightly lit in your map (and mine, when I tried it). Is the population there so active on Twitter? Is that spam-bot central?


      1. I thought of that as well… Perhaps that there is a high population density? Also, Australia seems to be less active… I guess there aren’t a lot of cities in the middle. Wow, my limited knowledge of world geography is revealing itself 🙂


  2. Supercool, and so interesting to look at with classes. Where do they think the most action would be. Kind of like that infographic last week about connected youth and where the are. Quick typo alert: I think high/reveal should be hide/reveal ?


  3. Thanks for the correction, Lisa. That was the second faux pas in this post – the previous one has been fixed.


  4. Wow, this is a very interesting discovery. I will be sharing with my #ecmp355 class, as we are currently learning about “connected educators”. Thank you!


  5. Quite fascinating in different ways! I will keep this post handy… When I am tired of watching the snow fall this winter, I will know where to turn 🙂


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