Hoot Reading

Like many people I suspect, I’m on the search for a good replacement to the Google Reader when it stops operating on Canada Day.  For so long, Google Reader has been my go-to for news reading and I will really miss it.  But it is what it is and we’ll have to change.  I’ve installedContinue reading “Hoot Reading”

Monitor Your Brand

I know that there is a great deal of concern about the future of Google’s Alert service.  You know, it’s the service that sends you an email with the references to any set of criteria that you may choose to set.  I used to use it to get a summary of the times that “@dougpete”Continue reading “Monitor Your Brand”

Highlight Your Reading

Recently, I read an article that listed 4 Tools to Simplify the Blogging Process.  Yeah, I know, they don’t come much simpler than me. As I read the article, I thought – OK, I’m doing this. Feedly, One Tab, Evernote and then a new one – CruxLight.  Never heard of it.  I took a quickContinue reading “Highlight Your Reading”

Learning Together

My learning started today with a sharing of an article to my Twitter stream.  It was about a new extension for Google Chrome called OneTab. The claim was that its use would save up to 95% of memory usage.  That’s an interesting number but it’s the “how” it does it that really caught my interest.Continue reading “Learning Together”

Twitter to non-Twitterers

In yesterday’s post, I had my tongue firmly planted in my cheek when I said: The people who really need to read this aren’t on Twitter!  Hopefully, the excellent post will be printed or something so that the target audience reads it. That’s always been a problem for those of us who use Twitter.  First,Continue reading “Twitter to non-Twitterers”