My Week Ending 2022-01-16

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


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  • If you’re an optimist and are looking to plan for a holiday that stays in Canada, here are some suggestions
  • The Town of Tecumseh is looking for Indigenous Artwork for some of its buildings


  • This is an amazing simulation – you drop a raindrop on a map and watch where it goes. It would be even more amazing if it wasn’t just for the United States
  • Just what we need – a whole generation of drivers that can’t parallel park. Or, at least they won’t be tested to get their license


  • We always have nuts on hand around here to grab a handful as a snack – turns out, they’re good for us
  • I was emotional just reading this story about how Sidney Poitier learned to read and it wasn’t through a school


  • I hope that every educator believes this and now we have to have politicians and others to believe as well
  • First it was Springsteen, but now there are others who are selling their collections of music


  • If you’re looking for a change in employer, you might be interested in this list of the best places to work in Canada
  • It’s somehow comforting to see that the Royal Family isn’t immune to accusations and actions taken but still you have to wonder why it happened in the first place


  • Needless to say, I’ve never seen a school library with all the fixings like you’ll see in this library tour
  • This is a great story about supporting local business serving beer and you’re wearing a snowsuit


  • I’m always in search of the perfect coffee — the place we got ours from yesterday could learn from these tips
  • Great advice – now that schools will be opening, we need to keep them open, students, teachers, and administrators safe, and homes safe too

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Technology Troubleshooting

It’s amazing how fickle I can be. I love playing around with beta based stuff to see what’s coming and to share some input on it.

For the longest time, I was on the beta channel for my Chromebook and all was good. The latest update ended up repeatedly crashing the computer. I could go two ways; wait until the upgrade came along or roll back to the stable channel.

I was in a bad mood so I rolled back. It was an interesting experience because you don’t just roll back. The process involves a complete powerwash of the computer and then a reinstall. So, I did.

Chrome did have other things nicely backed up to the Google Cloud and so it did come back and I was able to go back to mostly normal.

I feel so safe.

Video of the Week

Please let this be true.

Photo of the Week

I was at my desk and caught my walking buddy on the patio just outside.

Thanks for reading.

Please join me daily for something new and, hopefully, interesting for you. I honestly and truthfully appreciate your few moments reading my thoughts. Time willing, this summary appears every Sunday afternoon.

Be safe.


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Whatever happened to …

… recorded live television?

The inspiration for today’s post came again from Sheila Stewart who sent me off to a blog post from David Truss about laugh tracks.

I think we all have our favourite shows and David makes reference to a couple of show that I’m not a fan of! I think they’re just silly and not worth my time. These days, I’d rather while my time watching a good drama but who could forget the classics like …

I know that it’s a certain time era, but hey!

Who could forget shows like

  • Of course, Cheers but
  • The Jeffersons
  • All in the Family
  • Three’s Company
  • The Odd Couple
  • Are You Being Served?

and I’m sure that you could name more. (and why don’t you in the comments below)

It seems to me that these shows were so successful for a couple of reasons. First, they had terrific writers with all kinds of great lines, characters, and enough innuendo that you would pick up on things no matter how many times you watched them. What worked for them was a limited cast of characters, story lines that could be really worked, and all were shot in a single setting. So, it’s easy to see that a television studio could set up a stage and then work the stories around it and play it before a live audience.

We benefited because any laughter that was caught was real laughter made by real people watching it as it happened.

It’s easy to see that shows like M*A*S*H which has to be amongst the greatest comedy ever couldn’t fit into that setting because different episodes were in different locations. Recording live also means that the actors and actresses had to know their stuff because there wasn’t an option to retake and reshoot. If something was intended to be funny, they had to make it funny.

As David notes, you don’t necessarily have to get that reaction from an audience if you’re using a laugh track. You just edit the laughs in later. Laugh clips are easily found – here’s a nice collection – We’re becoming so used to being able to edit things afterwards today with social media; how many Instagram or TikTok videos are shot once and not edited?

So, for a Sunday, let’s have you check in with your thoughts.

  • Do you have any great favourite comedys? Was it recorded live?
  • Have you ever seen a show where a laugh track was added in during the wrong spot?
  • Do you teach students how to edit video?
  • Comedies, of course, aren’t the only shows recorded live – there are many talk shows with live audiences that are encouraged to interact – do you have a favourite?
  • Are there any comedies today that are recorded in front of a live audience?

And, a bit of trivia…

Please share your thoughts for Sheila and me to enjoy in the comments below.

This is a regular Sunday morning post. You can check them all out here. And, if you have an idea like Sheila did, just reach out and share it with me. I’d appreciate it.

OTR Links 01/16/2022

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