My Week Ending 2022-01-09

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


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  • Imagine the electric bill for this Christmas tree
  • I’m not sure that I really need a newly designed credit card but it does look kind of cool


  • If you’re used to networking and would like to do the same thing here, here’s how to network OneDrive to a letter – shouldn’t this be the default for Windows?
  • I don’t normally agree with Anne Jarvis but I think she absolutely nailed it this time around.


  • The University of Waterloo now has a new hub for public transportation. They had two stops there when I went and both the 7 and 8 routes were on them
  • Who doesn’t like a good volcano – at a distance. Here are some from the past year


  • It will probably be a “Whatever happened to” post – Blackberrys are now unsupported
  • Scrambling is a good word for it for families trying to get their kids reconnected after the Christmas break


  • I was quite surprised with some of the items in this post that have been identified as turning 100 this year
  • If you need to know, you shouldn’t have to poke around your computer to find this information – put it right on your desktop


  • Yeah, I’m angry and agree with the Prime Minister. As long as there are people “who know their rights to not be vaccinated”, we’re going to be stuck with what we’ve got
  • Related to that, it’s pretty clear what proportion of the population, the head of the Conservative Party is targeting with this remark


  • I’ll try it out when it hits my desktop but I was never a real fan of Notepad to begin with. It will take a great deal to make me leave my current notetaking routine
  • These are absolutely great takeaways that web hosts need to address to make visitors happy to visit their site

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Technology Troubleshooting

As I type this, my 12 year old Sony laptop is updating Linux Mint to the latest. I’m in awe of he stayability of this machine and how it just works, and works well, with Linux instead of the Windows 7 that it came with.

I’ve allowed it to upgrade one of the other partitions to Windows 10 and it’s brutally slow. 4GB of RAM is the guilty party plus a traditional disk drive.

Every now and again, I get the urge to go out and buy an SSD and more RAM but then I fire up Linux Mint and it runs so well, once it has booted.

I suppose in a perfect world, I’d get rid of it but it still runs well and Sony had a promotion at the time to have your name engraved into the body of the computer. I just can’t bring myself to part with it!

Video of the Week

I still can’t believe that there are deniers out there.

Photo of the Week

The sun was just peeking over the eastern horizon as we headed out for our morning walk.

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Whatever happened to …

goober boots?

Well, first off, a confession. Apparently, these aren’t even a thing, resolving in a search to other things.

But that’s what we called them.

As I remembered these things, I also was reminded about how incredible peer pressure can be. I mean; it’s winter and where I grew up, you wore boots to school and everywhere else for that matter. Our classrooms had boot trays at the back under the coat rack and we were required to neatly place our boots there or for some teachers, the trays were out in the hallways. I seem to remember that no matter where they were, there was a watery mess on the floor and the caretakers were out mopping at every opportunity.

So, back to the boots. They were mostly dark green with bright yellow laces and rim around the bottom. They were also insulated. I did use that description and did a search revealing that there had been a pair for sale on Etsy. How old does it make you feel when they’re listed as “vintage 70s”? I guess that makes me vintage too. Had they been in the right size, I might have been inspired to buy a pair.

Oh, to be cool again.

All my friends wore them. It was just something that you did. They were warm and because they were rubberized, they kept your feet dry.

One of our modes of transportation those days in the winter was bumper riding. Here’s actually a wonderful blog post about this way of getting from here to there. That was us. Even though we were in a small town where you could easily walk from here to there, riding the bumper was required. Once winter hit hard, the roads were never ploughed down to the gravel or pavement except for the really highly travelled roads. Goober boots were perfect for riding because they had a nice rubber bottom. If you were really skilled, you could also drag your hockey equipment bag along as well.

Who would think something as mundane as a boot would bring back a memory for a Sunday morning? What are your memories?

  • did you wear goober boots?
  • I know now that we apparently just made up the name. What did you and your friends call them?
  • these days, it would be a nightmare to expect kids to lace and actually tie up boots. Have they missed out on something in the days of velcro?
  • how about bumper riding? Did you travel in this manner?
  • is there a local name for bumper riding in your world?
  • do you miss those shiny chromed bumpers on cars that made it so easy to latch onto for a lift?
  • winter is messy. In your classroom or home, have you perfected the technique of storing wet boots?

As always, I’d love to hear your stories about these boots or perhaps the actual boots that you used to wear if you weren’t cool like me.

This is a regular Sunday post around here … you can check them all out here.

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