The importance of being green

I didn’t realize until recently that I was having it bad.

Years ago, when we were contemplating buying cell phones for all of the administrators for the board, my boss got me a loaner to test the concept with me. He was seriously vested in the Apple world and so I ended up with an Apple Phone or iPhone or whatever it was called at the time.

It was seriously cool and also annoying at the time. It was cool in the fact that I could contact him any time and anywhere the urge hit. It was annoying in that he could reciprocate and, quite honestly, he was way worse than me. It was cool in that we had the same security credentials in every school and I could immediately be on the wifi network anywhere I went.

The geeky person in me was blown away with the fact that I could make phone calls anywhere I wanted but also that I could run computer programs on this handheld device. I thought that I had the world by the tail. This feeling lasted only so long, since as with all Apple products, they are great and functional as long as you lived in the Apple world. There came a time when I had to get my own phone and I wanted anything but an Apple phone. First of all, there was a pricing premium to be made and secondly, there was far more that I could do with an Android phone. I switched and have remained switched to this date.

It’s kind of neat when people look over my shoulder at my customization job and ask what kind of iPhone I have.

If you poke around, you’ll see that today, there really isn’t much of a price difference between phones. (Do we even need to call them smartphones these days?) Of course, nobody pays retail; there are always sales on and you can finance them through your phone plan. Or buying a second-hand phone is an option as well.

Recently, in tech news, there has been a real dustup about Apple’s iMessage which is a proprietary solution for chatting. The issue for many is that you get to use the green bubbles for your messages on your iPhone. A quicky tutorial can be found here.

Why are my iMessages green? Here’s the answer

Normally, I wouldn’t give a second thought to this except for the messages that we’re now concerned about with students being “green shamed”. This article from yesterday is interesting and shares some interesting insights.

Why iMessage is actually a failure

Until I got interested in this discussion, I didn’t realize that I was so hard done by. I had to just check my phone to see if I was using the Google or Samsung tool. I can’t remember the last time that I actually used it. I know that I’ve used both of them at one time and really didn’t have a preference for one over the other.

For the most part, people know better ways to connect with me. The family uses Facebook Messenger, a good friend uses Slack, and a lot of people reach out via Twitter. My phone is actually connected to a lot of things – my Windows computer, my Chromebook, and my watch. A quick tap on the watch sends a short message and the other computers have a keyboard that does a great job rather than swiping or voicing my way through a message.

But that’s just me. It is disconcerting that with all that is going on in the world these days, sending a message in a green bubble can be a way to kick somebody out of your clique. Of course, there are other things that iMessage can do like playing games, etc, but kids have their own uses and generally, it’s staying in touch with each other. You’ve got to love peer pressure and the FOMO.

Of course, the hackers among them will have found a way to turn the colour of messages to whatever they want to get a small part of the functionality but that’s not a solution for everyone.

It seems to me that Apple, if it is truly a good corporate citizen, should be on top of this and realize the distress that its decisions are making on others. It could be easily rectified and yet they’ve resisted releasing iMessage for Android to date.

I would suggest that they should reconsider this decision.

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