The Year in Ontario Edublogs

I first wrote a blog post with this title last year on December 31, 2020.

For me, it was a reflection on data. I’ve been blogging and writing the blog post “This Week in Ontario Edublogs” for a long time now. How long? Well, WordPress stick a number on the end of the URL if you write a blog post with a title the same as something you’re previously written about. Yesterday was numbered 491 so that means that I’ve written 492 posts with that title. And, sadly, with a brain melt there were some that were close to that name that didn’t bump the number.

Had I been consistent, I would have posted this blog post yesterday but that would have bumped out yesterday’s This Week in Ontario Edublogs or I could have really messed around and written two blog posts for the same day.

I’m proud of these posts; I hope that it serves to amplify the wonderful blogging voice of Ontario Edubloggers. I could have written a comment on their blog but if they took down their blog, away would go my thoughts. As long as I keep things going, they’ll always be here.

If you click and read last year’s post, I pull back the curtain and show some screen grabs from how the voicEd Radio show is planned and how I prepare for it and the Friday morning blog post that follows. That seems to work very well and I’ll continue it in 2022 but I’m starting a new ongoing script. The second half of 2021 planning sheet was 52 pages long. My Chromebook had a tough time keeping up and Grammarly keeps asking if I really want to check a document this large.

Like I’ve always done, I like to spread the love around when it comes to selecting blog posts for my Friday summary. But, there are some people that are so proficient at blogging that they’re always writing something interesting that catches my attention.

For this year, here’s my Top 10 list.

If you’re a follower of this Friday morning post, you know that there are all kinds of other blog fabulous posts that I’ve pulled in and used. With duplicates, the spreadsheet has 357 entries. That’s some pretty good writing for a province and I know that I’m not capturing all the bloggers out there. As always, I really appreciate it if bloggers let me know they’re out there and maybe a link to their blog and I’ll add them to my reader. I’m always looking for interesting and new content.

This little project has been happening for years now. I wish that I’d taken time to collect statistics when I started doing it but I never thought that I’d still be doing it, now into 2022.

I do want to take a moment and thank everyone who drops by and reads whatever is in my mind and bounces out on a daily basis and, particularly, for the Friday morning posts.

I wish everyone the best as we move into the new year. May the worst of the pandemic be behind us and I’m looking forward to getting back to life as I remember it. It would be awesome to meet up with so many of these terrific bloggers at some point.

In the meantime, please everyone, be safe.


OTR Links 01/01/2022

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