What now?

Like many people, I’ve been following the events in Ottawa yesterday and today. Actually, I started by following a group of truckers who circled up and down Huron Church Line in Windsor before they headed east. I had an appointment in the city and so had to find a way to get there without getting caught in the trucks.

Eventually, the trucks headed off east on the 401 to join others in Ottawa to supposedly protest the requirement that truckers were not allowed to cross the border unless vaccinated. It’s a pretty big deal for the truckers who have elected not to get vaccinated.

As I followed the news yesterday and today, those involved are there for those reasons and more. Many are critical of the Prime Minister for decisions made for people crossing the border (they need to be vaccinated). The Prime Minister is in isolation because he’s been supposedly exposed to the disease. The leader of the Conservative Party indicated that he would meet with the group but at the time of me writing this post hasn’t yet. Or, at least it’s not been reported.

I should point out that I’m not neutral on this. Both my wife and I have had three shots as of the first of the year. We’re careful to mask up when shopping and, reluctantly have purchased some things online. We prefer to go to the actual store.

It seems to me that the event in Ottawa has become more than what was originally intended. I’m seeing reports of very upsetting activities. The original intent was to be a chance to present to Parliament their concerns and it’s become very loud and seeking attention from the media. The most disconcerting was the defacing of the Terry Fox memorial and dancing on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

I’ve had many of my friends from south of the border checking in, asking me what the heck is going on. It’s hard to explain how a seemingly innocent protest has evolved into what we have now.

Now, for the record –

  • I hate that I can’t go into a restaurant
  • I hate that I have to wear a mask and carefully slink into stores if I’m out buying something
  • I hate the fact that I have to consider everyone that I run into as possibly a carrier
  • I really hate that we haven’t figured out a solution yet

But what I really hate most of all is that we’re not all on the same page. If there was a solution, you’ve got to believe that we’d be working it. It doesn’t go a day when we hear from medical officials and their recommendations are simple enough. Get vaccinated and wear a mask.

It’s a simple enough approach and everyone should be doing it.

I can’t believe that the Federal government is sitting on the ultimate solution and are just keeping it from us. And, it’s not just them – hospital care is a responsibility of the provinces. Are they all sitting on a solution and using this to keep us in line? Hardly.

I’m fearful that, with all that I’m seeing in news reports that we’re going to see a big breakout again as they’re not masked in Ottawa. My hat goes off to those places that have shut themselves down to prevent the non-masked people from entering.

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