Secret codes

We’re not Netflix subscribers.

That may turn a lot of people away from this post but hand in for just a bit more. My kids do subscribe and how they determine what to watch drives me crazy.

Either I’m getting old or they just have much younger eyes and quicker attention spans. If we’re together and they’re looking for something to watch, it drives me nuts. They’re forever scrolling, let’s make that speed scrolling through things. It’s tough for me to keep up!

Now, I’m not convinced that they’ve mastered their search and find routine. Just the other day, they wanted to show us a series that they’d seen and it took them maybe 15 minutes to find it again.

Now, I readily admit that I’m an organized type and, if I owned ducks, they’d all be in a row.

I would hazard a guess that it’s a strategy from Netflix to get people to watch different things that they’re hosting. But still, to me, it’s like being dropped in an ocean and I’m looking for that one water drop. I’d be likely to watch what appears on the screen or use the search tool if I had a specific title I was looking for.

There is another way.

The site Netflix Codes breaks down the offerings by type and you navigate by codes. So, if I’m looking for comedies, I could enter the code 6548 and be greeted by this menu.

It seems to me to make a great deal sense so I’ll pass it along to them for testing to see if it makes finding things, old and new, a little interesting.

Are there any Netflix viewers reading this blog post? Is this old news? Does it work?

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