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Whatever happened to …

… charm bracelets?

This was bizarre timing and as a result, ended up as a post.

Jaimie and I were walking the main street of Amherstburg recently and passed Precision Jewellers where they had a sign in the window indicating that they had Alex and Ani on sale. Not knowing what that was, I asked my wife when we got home and got the full explanation about the similarities to charm bracelets.

Later that evening, I got notified of a post on Sheila Stewart’s blog called “Life’s Charms” where she talked about her own charm bracelet. What a coincidence and an inspiration for a post.

Back home, I asked my wife why she doesn’t wear hers anymore and got the story about how the dangling charms just hang and get caught in things. She also indicated that she had her mother’s and my mother’s around here somewhere. That somewhere was at the bottom of her jewellery box. She brought out hers and I grabbed this picture as I heard the story behind each of the charms.

She wore it quite a bit, back in the day, and people had given her a charm from places that they had visited – lobster trap from Nova Scotia, sombrero from Mexico, mouse ears from Disneyland, … And, a few that I had given her. Her astrological sign, wedding day, …

In Sheila’s post, she shares a bit of the story behind the charms on her bracelet and the story behind them. There really is a purpose behind the hanging charms.

That was the opening for me to my wife at this time of the season – would you ever want another charm and the answer was no … she doesn’t wear her bracelet anymore.

For a Sunday, how about chipping in?

  • do you own a charm bracelet?
  • if so, do you still wear it?
  • do you own an Alex and Ani?
  • have you ever given a charm to someone else as a gift?
  • why don’t people wear charm bracelets these days? Or do they and you just can’t see them under winter coats?
  • what things do the charms get caught on?
  • Sheila’s and my wife’s bracelets have one charm in common. Which one?

Nobody has ever accused me of being stylish as I sit here in sweats blogging, so your thoughts may help me get up to speed.

This is part of a regular Sunday morning set of blog posts. You can find them all here and please reach out if you have an idea for a post.


7 responses to “Whatever happened to …”

  1. My wife has one from the 70’s. I think I’ve seen it a few times, but it’s not something she wears very often, if at all.

    I learned of the existence of Alex and Ani a few years back when one of my students lost hers. I learned then of its ‘sort of likedness’ to charm bracelets, but I didn’t really get it. I saw it then as a kind of high end fad.

    You may not be the most highly fashioned person I know, Doug, but a lack of knowledge about these things is probably not the best indicator of that.😅


  2. I have one. I do not wear it often – it’s kind of clunky and yes, it does catch on things. I love some of the charms, though, which were mostly gifted by my parents to me as I was growing up. Thanks for the reminder to take a look at it (in the bottom of my jewellery box). Pandora, I would say, is the new higher end version, but again, it doesn’t really fit my style. Plus, more money than I’m willing to put into jewellery at this point.


  3. What a charming post! 😀 It has been fun to connect more on this topic and such a funny coincidence! Maybe one day I will wear mine again. I know about Alex and Ani now — because I just looked it up! Cute variation, but doubt I will buy one. I wonder how much jewellery sales and the wearing of jewellery have been affected by the pandemic.

    Your questions: I probably bought a charm for a friend’s birthday back in the day. I thought maybe your wife and I both had a similar parliament building charm, but I think my final guess is the horoscope charm (although different signs, if I am seeing the photo correctly).

    Maybe there will be more inspiration for posts ahead from the bottom of our jewellery boxes!


  4. They are different signs and you had what I thought of when you said Parliament Building.


    1. A Gr. 8 Toronto trip souvenir for me, I think!


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