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An AI scavenger hunt

Warning – time suck ahead.

WithGoogle has a new way to show us artificial intelligence and it is time consuming unless you get bored easily.  The concept is simple – take your device, go to the website, start, you’ll get an Emoji of something and you have to find it with your camera.

It works with any device with a camera but a whole lot easier with a phone.  You just give access to the camera and start, hunting out the object.  It’s doable but a whole lot more involved with a laptop, at least for me, because moving the laptop to get the object in focus or finding the object and then bringing it to the camera was pretty time consuming.  And, the clock was ticking.

It’s not an app that you install – you get it from the web at  To save yourself some typing, you can point at this QR code.


You’re in the right spot if you see this.


Make sure you have some time and then click “Let’s Play”.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 8.33.29 AM

Of course, you start easy but be prepared…

I was impressed when presented with a “lightbulb” that it recognized the curly LED one that I pointed at.

Did it recognize the shape or the fact that it’s emitting light?

On the one hand, it’s fun to play with – on the other hand, I found it equally as much fun to try to determine how it finds out what it’s looking at by the image you give.  And, even more fun to try and trick it.  There are so many different ways to open a discussion in your classroom.

Is this a new spin on geo-caching or Pokemon Go?

You might be concerned with privacy and the images of your house that you’re passing along so keep that in mind.

I can just imagine how my surroundings were interpreted – hey, you live in a doctor’s office?



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