Really thinking green

EdCampLondon was held at Sir Arthur Currie Public School in north London on Saturday.  I had the wonderful opportunity to visit, enjoy learning with others, and had a personal tour of the school with principal Sue Bruyns.  You can read her blog here.

There were many notable things about this new school design.  One particularly stood out and I set out a Twitter message when I saw it.

There were two such rooms in the Library / Makerspace and they were labelled as Creative Space as you can see in the sign.

Now, in another life, these rooms might be considered conference rooms suitable for a small group to work on a project.  The door could be closed to nicely lock out noise from the bigger library space.

I hope that your reaction was the same as mine.  Wow!  A room devoted to green screen!  And, certainly, we did have a conversation about green screening and used the opportunity to experiment in the room.

Andy Forgrave was behind the camera to produce this.

It’s common to walk away from events like this hoping to get “just one idea”.  In a day filled with ideas, this was my “one idea”.

Green screening isn’t new.  For the longest time, the debate is about what kind of cloth and/or material background gives the best results.  This throws it all away.  Make the entire room green, including floor and ceiling.

Beyond the basic functionality, it sends a strong message to staff.  How can you ignore the opportunities when you’ve devoted two spaces to the concept?

What do you think?  Is this an idea that you could borrow for your makerspace?


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