Free images done right

I’m always keeping an eye out for sources for images and photographs suitable for the classroom.  “Photos for Class” is something that foots the bill and handles things in a very unique and appropriate manner.

Off I went to check it out and did my standard search for “House”.

I got a nice selection of interesting photos.

You’ll read about the details and the goals of the project on the front page.  The results come from Flickr, are licensed under Creative Commons for public use and are school appropriate.  

Looking good.

I did what any student would; I selected the first image that came back.  A nice house and the Download link put it on my computer.  

The result?

It’s a nice, full sized image that could be used or adjusted as needed.

But look at the bottom of the image.

Photos for Class does the work of providing the reference and attribution by attaching it to the image.  For many uses, this is just perfect.

I’m still a big fan of students creating their own images but it’s not always possible or necessary.

Also, there will be a time and a place where you want to formally discuss attribution and licensing.  But, if having it done for you automatically suits your needs, check out this resource.

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