This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Happy Friday, everyone.  It’s the last day of the Christmas/New Years’ Break for many.  Check out the following from Ontario Edubloggers as inspiration for what you know lies head next week.

For this week, I’m expanding the scope to include microblogging.

#onewordOnt Introduction

Julie Balen started a ball rolling by challenging Ontario Educators.  The concept of #oneword has been around for a while but she tightened the reins a bit and asked Ontario Educators to specifically talk about Ontario with this unique hashtag.  This round marks the third year she’s brought Ontario Educators together in this manner.

Her rationale?

Having one word through which to “see” your practice, to guide your work, and to reflect on your professional learning gives you a chance to be really intentional about your professional growth. Having one word to concentrate on allows you the time to delve into the nuances of the word, to look at it from various angles, to hold it close and then to view it from a distance. Having one word gives you the chance to be shaped by it.

A lot of people have jumped in.  Some through Twitter; some have blogged about.  Check out the following as starting points.

Well, that’s what I was able to find using the tools at my disposal.  Some 2016 onewords creapt in there on first collection; hopefully, I got them all out!

Julie is collecting answers and is displaying them in a Google Document here and promises to create a Word Cloud to share with the world.  Big kudos to her for this initiative.

Please take the time to click through and enjoy the words and thoughts of those who have participated so far.

It’s not too late – can you add your own and tag it appropriately?


OTR Links 01/06/2017

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