Post from the recent past – Your country – in languages

In light of the recent events over the past weekend, I know that there will be pressure to address culture and immigration in the classroom.  

To assist, I’m reposting something that appeared here a couple of weeks ago.  It was my look at the Localingual resources.  It may be helpful in celebrating cultural differences.

You may find the following resources helpful as well.

Localingual is another terrific way to explore the world.

And contribute back, if you are so inclined.

Visit the site  and you’re presented with a nicely coloured world map.

So, pick a country – any country. In my case, I chose Denmark.

Then, check out the sidebar to the right.

Look at the variety of languages.  Click on either the female or male icon to here the name of the country spoken in that language.

But there’s more.

Beside some of the languages, you’ll find what I would call a conversation cloud.  Click it to open a new panel showing various phrases or more.  Each of these are playable as well.

I’ll bet that you give your mouse and speakers a good work out.

What an interesting and engaging way to explore the world!

The whole project is incredibly well done.  Sure, we’ve all seen maps online but this takes it even further – what more can we do with maps?



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