You are what you tweet

Let me start off by saying that I don’t watch award shows.

The most recent one was the Golden Globes so I missed the acceptance speech from Meryl Streep.  It’s not a big deal; there were all kinds of reports on its content available the day after, including the text of the script here.

I can see, after review, what all the hubub was about and why it made the news.  It didn’t go unnoticed by the president-elect and he sent a message about it out on Twitter.

Now, I’m not going to get into a political discussion; that’s not the point here.

There are words here that everyone should take to heart. “doesn’t know me“.

That applies to so many people and even more so on social media where a comment or message at any given time can be interpreted so many ways.

Think about it.

There are some readers of this post who truly do know me.  For the most part, visitors to this blog don’t know me at all.  You may infer various things by reading my posts or scanning the OTR Links posts to see parts of what I’m reading.  From that, you may think that you know about me.  But, do you really?

I’m going out for a coffee with a friend this morning.  We know each other pretty well.  I’m drinking a coffee right now and you might be as well.  Do we have the same relationship?

Does your online presence matter?  I think that it absolutely does.

You may not know me personally but you will “know” my online personna.

That’s something that’s pretty personal and, quite frankly, important to me.

Think about others that you engage with.  Are they the same in real life as they are online?  Do they really walk on water as their personal messages indicate?

Or, when you’re behind a keyboard, can you be anyone you choose to be?

It’s an interesting concept and something I think is worthwhile discussing in the classroom.  There are so many ways that the discussion could go.

For an interesting supportive read, check out Lisa Nielsen’s Spend A Day In Someone’s Shoes with Social Media.


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