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It’s always a dilemma as to whether or not to comment on responses to blog posts.  My philosophy is that I’ve given it my best shot in the original post and now it’s other’s turns if they’re so inclined.  But, there’s a very special group of replies that need addressing periodically.  These are the comments that WordPress has trapped and set aside as “spam”.


Yeah, I’ll get right on this.  How about posting it publically on the blog for everyone to contact me?  Anyone who knows their way around a keyboard can find it easily.


If only my high school English teachers had felt this way, my life would have taken a completely different direction.


Sometimes, random words can form meaningful sentences.  This isn’t one of those times.


It happens this time every year when teams are out of the playoffs.  “Maybe next year”


If only they’d made reference to what the heck they were talking about!


Well, that’s the best I could do.  I’d love to see Noeline take on these spammers with her wit and wisdom.

It’s always a pleasure to whack this button.

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5 thoughts on “Response to Spammers”

  1. Doug, I always find your Spam posts comical, but it was your introduction that really has me thinking. You spoke about your dilemma replying to comments. I’m someone that tends to go to the other reply extreme: I reply to all blog post comments (minus Spam ones of course). I do this because it’s through this discussion that I learn more, my thoughts often start to change, & the discussion usually makes my original blog post better. I’m curious to hear what others do. Thanks for writing a funny post that made me think!


  2. I’m breaking my own rules here, Aviva! I guess it’s all in the philosophy of the blog poster. I’d like to think that I’ve taken my best shot in the original post and that the last word is left to anyone who decides to comment. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that I ignore them; I find that they often give me fodder for a new post of my own. I’m thinking that this may be one of those times. Maybe you and I should write a point/counter-point one of our own. The beauty of blogging is that you can be whoever/whatever you want and your approach is validated by the response to the blog.

    I think what really got me thinking so strongly about this was with a “famous” blogger who openly admitted to removing replies to posts that he didn’t agree with. We see it all the time with newspapers that use the blog format to let the general public have their say until it quickly gets out of hand and then closes off comments. (Check so many stories about the teacher collective agreement situation on the big Toronto newspapers…)

    I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer here; just a philosophical one.

    Back to the original spirit of the post – I’m hoping to see Noeline’s thoughts! I love her sense of humour, sense of insight, and how she makes connections that I would never have imagined.

  3. Oooo … I like your point/counter-point post idea! I always find the decision on replying or not replying to comments to be interesting. That being said, many people explain why they reply. I’ve heard fewer people share why they don’t (so I really appreciated your insight on this). Your additional thoughts re. newspaper blog posts (and eventually turning off comments) has given me more food for thought. I’ve always said that I’m open to comments from people that agree or disagree with me, but I wonder what I would do if things got out of hand.

    Now, just like you, I’m curious to hear Noeline’s thoughts. She definitely has a way with words!


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