Clipart on Demand

Sometimes, I could just kick myself.  I always seem to be the last to know. I was working on a document yesterday and got the text right.  I thought a couple of pieces of Clipart would be nice to break up the text and to illustrate the message I was trying to create. So I … Continue reading Clipart on Demand


OTR Links 08/31/2015 The Truth About Blogging — STARTUPS + WANDERLUST + LIFE HACKING — Medium via @Firefox — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) August 30, 2015 tags: IFTTT Twitter Dangerously Irrelevant |  trudacot Dangerously Irrelevant |  trudacot via @Firefox — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) August 30, 2015 tags: IFTTT Twitter What Coke Contains — Medium via @Firefox … Continue reading OTR Links 08/31/2015

Why Twitter?

Yesterday morning, I was tagged in an interesting question from Jennifer Casa-Todd. Well, let me see now.  Starting at the As, there's Andrea, Andrew, Andy, Aviva - whoa, this is going to take a while.  As I was contemplating moving the count to my other hand, Steven jumped in with his answer. I thought that … Continue reading Why Twitter?

Dumb Rules

A comment I made yesterday brought back a bizarre memory about rules. There was a time when our two older kids were in daycare together.  Depending upon my wife's and my schedules, you'd either drop the kids off in the morning or pick them up at the end of the day.  Because of their age … Continue reading Dumb Rules