Things in Space

I really love this.  It’s a virtualization of “Stuff in Space” that are just soaring over us.

It’s probably a good idea that we need a visualization like this to get a sense of it!

But, if you want to be mesmerized for a while, load the page and just watch it rotate.  Move your mouse around the screen and you can get the identity of the object appearing in the right side of the screen.  

Double click to zoom in on any particular part of the world.

The implications to science should be immediately obvious.  But, what a wonderful launchpad for other discussions.

  • As a society, how can we justify putting our stuff “up there”?
  • How many mistakes are “up there”?
  • What happens when a satellite is no longer of use to society?
  • What are the implications of having so much stuff there?
  • Do they ever collide?
  • How are they managed?
  • What things that we’re so accustomed to in every day society rely on satellite technology?
  • Pick any object and get the details from the right side of your screen.  Use that as a starting point for research and be prepared to discuss its importance.  Can you find an image of it before it launched?  What a great class blogging assignment – have groups of students do their research.

It will be out of this world.

The source code is also available on Github for those who like to do a little programming research.




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