In One Place

This past week, Sylvia Duckworth released another one of her Sketchnotes (Sylvianotes). 

It was based on a poem by Taylor Mali.  The sketchnote has certainly been very popular and shared by many.  (I know because Sylvia was kind enough to include me in the original message so I get notifications.)  Her work is quickly becoming a favourite with educators and others.  I try to keep pace with her and record them in a Flipboard here.

I just wanted to write this post to draw attention to it and make reference to a couple of videos by Mr. Mali for those who haven’t seen the original performance. 

and …

All these resources are very inspirational.  Share them with your favourite teacher or colleague or Faculty of Education class.

Stand just a bit taller as you walk down the street.  You make a difference.

OTR Links 07/26/2015

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