Learning, Interrupted

One of my goals for this summer was to learn to become more proficient with the Python Programming Language.  It's going along; lots of interruptions to stop the continuous flow of learning but I get back on track and continue the learning periodically. This morning, after a walk through the Exhibit Hall at the Computer … Continue reading Learning, Interrupted


OTR Links 07/14/2015

Doug Peterson on Twitter: "The "back yard" at #csta15 http://t.co/RTuRPZWkPv" The "back yard" at #csta15 http://t.co/RTuRPZWkPv The "back yard" at #csta15 pic.twitter.com/RTuRPZWkPv — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) July 13, 2015 tags: IFTTT Twitter via:packrati.us csta15 The The best of ontario-educators3 Daily The The best of ontario-educators3 Daily is out! http://t.co/IGpQKucQTl Stories via @HandsOnilm @kweishar2 @jason_mcd_ — … Continue reading OTR Links 07/14/2015