Could They Answer This?

It’s funny how one thing can stick in your mind. 

Today at lunch, there was an industry panel discussing a number of questions about student-industry transition.  Many of the topics could have been student-work anywhere.  It was going along well until the topic turned to the job interview.

On the panel was Larry Israelite and instead of immediately answering the question, he posed questions of his own to the audience.

How many of you teach students to collaborate with others?

Hands went up everywhere.

How many of you teach students to work in groups?

Hands went up everywhere.

It could also have included – How many of you teach pair programming?

I figured this was just going to be a big softball and lobbed up to the group.

Then, the moment…

When I’m interviewing students, I’m not interviewing the group.  I’m interviewing the student.

How would your student answer the question when I ask “What can YOU do?”

Now, in fairness to educators, we know how to assess student participating, involvement, and contributions when they’re working in groups.

But, does the individual student know?  Could they answer the question and clearly explain what it is that THEY can do?

My immediate thought was that I would certainly hope so.  But, it got me thinking…  Could they actually answer the question?

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