Chocolates and Computer Science

What do you bring to a conference for your friends? For me, it’s some Canadian chocolate sweets that apparently my friends can’t buy in the US. Specifically it’s Coffee Crisp and Aero.  Who knew?  My son suggested that I throw in a bag of ketchup potato chips as well.  So, there’s some goodies there forContinue reading “Chocolates and Computer Science”

OTR Links 07/12/2015

teachcode on Twitter: “We’re headed to #CSTA15 come find us there!” We’re headed to #CSTA15 come find us there! — teachcode (@teachcode) July 11, 2015 tags: IFTTT Twitter GG Interactive | Game Design and Programming Curriculum RT @GGIJimmy: @csteachersa we are very excited for #CSTA15 Cant wait to show off “GameContinue reading “OTR Links 07/12/2015”