Stayin’ Alive – Then and Now

This is another post of things to make sure that they just don’t get away.

In Bruce Springsteen’s recent Australian tour, he gave tribute to the Bee Gees by playing Stayin’ Alive.

Here’s the original…

and his cover…

So, which one do you prefer?

Vote here:

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2 thoughts on “Stayin’ Alive – Then and Now”

  1. Okay, I love the Bruce version – but think both are the product of their time. Watching Bruce funk it up is a great deal of fun, and when he sings “stayin’ alive” – it’s about doing exactly that – there are a lot of miles on that road.

    However, the visuals of this video kind of put me off – the women on strings are shot as “eye candy” in a lot of ways, while we get to see and hear those great solos from the horn section (who are all men) – you can tell that some of the string players are having a lot of fun – but most of what you see of them is focused on a well-made up blonde.

    Any does anybody else think it looks like Bruce has had some “work” done on his own face? I’d hate to think that, ’cause it wouldn’t seem to fit with who he is, but that’s a mighty unlined forehead!


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