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Today is Pi Day.  It would be a great day in Mathematics classrooms.  But…

…today wraps up the March Break in Ontario.  I feel a bit sorry for those who headed south for the Break.  Usually, they return to an Ontario that has warmed up and melted a bit.  This week’s storm sure turned that theory upside down.  Even the dog and I had to go looking for new places to walk – our Navy Yard path was completely snowed over.

Despite all this, or maybe because of it, there still was some great material written by Ontario education bloggers.

Cold But Beautiful

Colleen Rose’s latest post is actually a photo essay showing off some of the beauty of Lake Superior.

I’m always amazed at what the artistic eye and mind does that mine doesn’t.  I could take that picture but would never have thought of enhancing it like she did to emphasize the textures.  I think the result is quite impressive.  Check out the rest of her post for more pictures and also for her trip to Duluth.  My favourite quote on the image of all the quotes was “The EARTH without ART is just ‘eh’”.

After #EdCampWR ~ Where To Now (Part 1)?

EdCampWR (part 2) – Everyone Has Something IMPORTANT to Share

Donna Fry shared a couple of posts about her thoughts from the EdCampWR experience.


I had to smile when I read her comment about having to explain the concept of an EdCamp to others.  I can just see the conversation.

There is a mindset that professional learning only occurs when it is “done to you” by someone further up the food chain.  Usually, someone in charge of professional development and training who has a check list plan.  Heaven help us if the minions get together and start talking and sharing ideas.  Oh, sure, it’s talked about in some circles but only as cursory lip service.  You have to experience an EdCamp to truly understand.  The ECOO website has a section devoted to Ontario EdCamps right up front.


Even the ECOO Conference has its own “Learning Space” where you can carve out your own area for discussions and learning.

A lot of good happens when great minds get together.  Ontario has an incredible group of connected educators – look out when they get together.

Board Reflection

Why would anyone want to become a trustee of a school board?


We’ve come expect reflections from educators as a way to validate the present and set the course for the future.

Why wouldn’t we expect it from those who would serve on the Board of Trustees.

Robert Hunking opens up about his own thoughts.

It’s an enjoyable read although he did stump me here.

I recently saw this title. ‘The Shift from Learning to Read to Reading to Learn’. I thought to myself how appropriate this is and complex. Lets change it to’ Learning to Learn to Learning to Learn.’

Imagine a world where all trustees were expected to blog and share their thoughts about the decisions they make and their own personal commitment to the job.

#ossemooc Presentation: February 25th, 2014

Rob DeLorenzo has been a big advocate for mobile technologies as long as I’ve known him.  It makes sense that he was tapped to give a presentation to the OSSEMOOC group.  He shares the slidedeck from his presentation in this post.


Like most posts of this ilk, the slidedeck is incomplete without the author’s voice.  I’m sure that Rob would be willing to entertain questions via comments on his blog or via Twitter.

It’ll give him something to do other than beating me in Words with Friends.

Once again, a nice collection of thoughts.  Thanks, everyone, for continuing to share your thoughts.  Please check out these posts at the original links given above.

I want to read YOUR blog!  If you’re an Ontario educator and have one, please consider sharing it via the form at the Livebinder site.

There’s always great things coming from the keyboards of Ontario Educators.  Add yours to them.


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