It Really Is Complicated

Aviva Dunsiger started a great line of conversation with her post “Online; Offline; Where To Draw The Line?“.

To her blogpost, I added my thoughts but decided that I didn’t say enough so I fleshed out the topic in a post of my own “Learning About Social Media”.  That extended the conversation and, in particular, Aviva and I had a nice back and forth on the topic.

Later in the day, Mark Carbone weighed in with his own perspective with “On or Off Line: a Perspective“.  And, of course, Aviva and I had to share our thoughts there as well.

Now, if these two smart minds and then me can’t come to a definite answer, it has to be complicated.

Which leads into an excellent read by danah boyd titled “It’s Complicated“.

And, it is.

If you’re looking for a really, really good discussion about the networked teenager, this should be part of your professional library.

From danah’s website, you can order your own copy from Amazon or a number of other retailers.

However, danah has decided that her work and insights may be of such value, that she’s made a PDF copy of the book free for the download.  You can then read it on your computer or your portable device.

If you’re interested in another perspective on networking, then you really owe it to yourself to read this book.

Armed, you’re ready to join the conversation.


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