It Really Is Complicated

Aviva Dunsiger started a great line of conversation with her post "Online; Offline; Where To Draw The Line?". To her blogpost, I added my thoughts but decided that I didn't say enough so I fleshed out the topic in a post of my own "Learning About Social Media".  That extended the conversation and, in particular, … Continue reading It Really Is Complicated


OTR Links 03/05/2014

quoteflections: The Beauty of Life MT @quoteflections: What is adventure, purpose, nature, chall, essence, opportunity, secret, spice, & beauty of life? tags: Three alternative web browsers for Linux Three alternative web browsers for Linux tags: Ubuntu 14.04 Re-Enables Full App Menus In Nautilus, Other GNOME Apps Ubuntu 14.04 Re-Enables … Continue reading OTR Links 03/05/2014