Stayin’ Alive – Then and Now

This is another post of things to make sure that they just don't get away. In Bruce Springsteen's recent Australian tour, he gave tribute to the Bee Gees by playing Stayin' Alive. Here's the original... and his cover... So, which one do you prefer? Vote here: Related articles Bruce Springsteen Performs The Bee … Continue reading Stayin’ Alive – Then and Now


OTR Links 03/23/2014

Twitter / marioarmstrong: Is #Daytona the Cinderella? ... RT @marioarmstrong: Is #Daytona the Cinderella? #MarchMadness tags: Daytona MarchMadness Shut-Up and Do It Yourself | Leadership Freak SHUT-UP AND DO IT YOURSELF tags: "The Worksheet Model" - ThingLink ""The Worksheet Model"" tags: worksheet model Social Media Menus and Venues: Home and School … Continue reading OTR Links 03/23/2014