A Day in the Life

Yesterday, I blogged about the concept of badges for footprints.  It was based on the idea that there are certain elements about managing a digital footprint and that it would be a worthwhile classroom activity to have students do some research about each of the topics and blog about them.  Hopefully, a little research goes a long way towards adopting a sensible approach to being online and developing that presence.

The CBC had an extremely interesting article on their website.  Through the eyes of Lauren O’Neil, see her thoughts about her use of social media.  She opens up her daily routine and identifies activities where she is tracked.

Along with the story comes an interactive activity.

By clicking on the little buttons, see how she identifies how she feels she’s being tracked from bedroom to kitchen to public transit to the street to …

I don’t think that too many of the activities where she feels being tracked would be new to most blog readers.

But, how about students?

I think that the article is an intriging dig into the life of a regular citizen.  All that you need to do is be aware of your surroundings and you’ll notice that you’re not necessarily alone.  Heck, even this morning I took my car to the car wash to get rid of some of the salt that’s accumulated over the winter.  As I was driving into the washing bay, there was a sign indicating that I should smile because I was being watched.  Sure enough, as I looked up the wall, there was a camera pointing down.  Why did I have this urge to turn away?

I thought that all of this would be an interesting extension to the concept of digital citizenship started in yesterday’s blog post.  Students next post could be titled “A Day in the Life” where they record every incidence of being viewed or tracked from waking up until going to bed.  It would make for some very interesting research and, hopefully, an increased awareness of what we’ve done to ourselves as a society.  The tracking could be online, in the mall, at the doctor, at school, going to the burger place, …

I’d be willing to bet that no one student could name them all but an activity to go through all of the blogs once posted accumulating all of the unique daily instances would make for an interesting mega-list leading to an even deeper discussion.  How about those cameras at school?  Why does the school need to know all that information about you?  Just what speed did the police officer get when the bus passed?

Why is that little green light turned on next to your computer camera?


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