Literacy From Way Back

I find it fascinating looking at various newspapers from around with world and shared some of my thoughts yesterday in a post.  For education, I think that the Newseum is just one of those gold mines that open up so much discussion and research around current events.  Of course, it’s a wonderful demonstration of how it important it is to speak more than one language.  The two top stories from yesterdays remain tops in the news today.

But, what about the past.  And, I mean potentially a long time ago.

Google Newspapers has you covered.

In its huge collection of newspapers from the past, fully digitized, you can read first hand how the world received the facts as they happened.

How about turning the clock back to 1871 to a publication called “The Altar and The Throne”?

Or how about newspapers that you may not have know even existed?

And, because it’s Google, you’ve got to believe that the newspapers are searchable.  The interface looks and feels just like a regular search but notice the advance searching technique limiting your search to Google Newspapers.

I must admit – it’s humbling to poke your way through the newspapers.  You’re reading history from the original resources as the people from that time period would have actually experienced it.

Cartoons and drawings were used inline to supplement the stories in some newspapers – not just relegated to the comic section.

The nerdy computery person in me smiles at the use of typography and fonts.  We’ve come such a long way.

If you’re looking for a bit of history and are ready to turn the clocks back to when it happened, you’ll find this resource fascinating.  If you’ve ever tried to assemble a media library, you’ll be in awe of the work that went into this project.


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