A World of Mathematics

That’s the claim of Mathigon.  If you love mathematics (and who doesn’t), be prepared to spend all kinds of time at this web resource.

I actually stumbled into the World of Mathematics by accident but, wow, I’m so glad that I did.  I wa actually looking for some origami resources and fell into a link from the Mathigon website titled http://www.mathigon.org/origami/.  Like what so often happens, when I find a wonderful resource like this…

I’ll back off to the root of the website and poke around.

According to the About page, the site was designed by Philipp Legner and you only have to spend a few moments on the site to realize the passion for mathematics, particularly for the visual, that drives the design.  You’ll be exploring for hours.

Major categories of:

  • Symmetry and Space
  • Numbers and Patterns
  • Combinatorics and Logic
  • Probability and Games
  • Motion and Matter

open the doors for further exploration.

Who doesn’t like a good fractal?  Lots of gorgeous pictures when you explore.

And what would a good mathematics resource be without a discussion of the irrational pi?  My memory recalls 3.1415926 accurate to seven decimal places but that pales in comparison to the first 50 000 digits.

Mathigon has presence on all the major social networks including an extension for Google Chrome, if you’re so inclined.

Some of the resources are still under development.  Mathematics lovers, teachers, and students will definitely want to explore and keep reference to this site.  The site definitely digs into the topics deeply but I think that you’ll find a little something for everyone.