Flipping Through Ontario Educators

I love to read and stay on top of things.  As I shared a screen shot yesterday, I have a number of readers on my iPad.  The nice thing about these readers is that you can work your way through content so easily on the couch, lying in bed, in a chair, or hopefully soon on the patio outside.

One of the first readers that I used was Flipboard.  I think it’s pretty much a staple on anyone’s device these days.  Uniquely, it takes you quickly into any of the feeds on your two pages of content.  My first page appears below.  You’ll see such great sources for content like Popurls, three of my favourite Alltop feeds (although I’m puzzled about the image on the alltop_nfl feed … are they really locked out and it’s come down to this?) and Ontario Educators!

The content from Ontario Educators is what this group is currently twittering about.  Flipboard dresses up the content in tabloid format for nice reading.

I must admit that I get a charge out of reading the content this way.  Each article takes on a personality of its own when formatted this way instead of the columnar format that I would normally see in my Seesmic Desktop.

Adding content is as simple as clicking to “Add a Section” and if you have the search already in a connected Google Reader account, it’s as simple as finding it.  If not, there’s a search feature that lets you zero in on particular topics.  On my Page Two, I’ll confess that I’m following some users who I find so interesting.

So, like most things, there are many ways to skin a cat or read Twitter messages.  It doesn’t hurt to tinker or play around – you just might end up with something spectacular.  In my case, my first reads always comes from Ontario Educators.

If you’re an Ontario Educator and not currently on the list, please complete the form below and you’ll be added!

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