ISTE Day #3

I was kind of worried going into Day 3 at ISTE.  For some reason, my iPad didn't charge itself overnight and was sitting at 31% battery.  Would that get me through the day?  Nope.  Sad to say but I ended up taking notes the old fashioned way with paper and a pen.  How quaint.  It [...]

OTR Links for 06/30/2011

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ISTE Day #2

I found it interesting, upon reflection, that the second day of the ISTE Conference was a day of networking.  There were more opportunities to talk and make new connections and sharing ideas.  My score card, at the end of the day reads .... Music 1 Web Development an Applications 1 Google Spotlight 1 Infographics Spotlight [...]

OTR Links for 06/29/2011

Google Releases New Flash To HTML5 Converter, Wants To Save Us From Flash Forever | MacTrast Google’s Labs page has recently added an experimental new tool for web developers that helps them to convert their Flash content to HTML5. The new tool, called Swiffy, could make a lot more flash content available on iOS devices. [...]

OTR Links for 06/28/2011

Edit GIF - Online animated GIF editor Utility to repurposes those gif images tags: gif online editor | Cloud Storage & Media, supports RapidShare, MegaUpload, MediaFire, BitTorrent, and more FETCH.IO LETS YOU DOWNLOAD MEDIA FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES AND STREAM THEM INSTANTLY, FAST. tags: cloud storage FriendLens | Never miss a photo. The fun and [...]

Off and Running

I'm in Philadelphia for the ISTE 2011 Conference.  It was a day where all the travel plans fell nicely into place and @sadone and I got a personal drive in a LIM-ousine by @doremigirl from the airport downtown to our hotel.  What a nice bit of local hospitality. At the conference centre, it didn't take [...]