ISTE Day #3

I was kind of worried going into Day 3 at ISTE.  For some reason, my iPad didn't charge itself overnight and was sitting at 31% battery.  Would that get me through the day?  Nope.  Sad to say but I ended up taking notes the old fashioned way with paper and a pen.  How quaint.  It … Continue reading ISTE Day #3


OTR Links for 06/30/2011

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ISTE Day #2

I found it interesting, upon reflection, that the second day of the ISTE Conference was a day of networking.  There were more opportunities to talk and make new connections and sharing ideas.  My score card, at the end of the day reads .... Music 1 Web Development an Applications 1 Google Spotlight 1 Infographics Spotlight … Continue reading ISTE Day #2

OTR Links for 06/28/2011

Edit GIF - Online animated GIF editor Utility to repurposes those gif images tags: gif online editor | Cloud Storage & Media, supports RapidShare, MegaUpload, MediaFire, BitTorrent, and more FETCH.IO LETS YOU DOWNLOAD MEDIA FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES AND STREAM THEM INSTANTLY, FAST. tags: cloud storage FriendLens | Never miss a photo. The fun and … Continue reading OTR Links for 06/28/2011

Off and Running

I'm in Philadelphia for the ISTE 2011 Conference.  It was a day where all the travel plans fell nicely into place and @sadone and I got a personal drive in a LIM-ousine by @doremigirl from the airport downtown to our hotel.  What a nice bit of local hospitality. At the conference centre, it didn't take … Continue reading Off and Running