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The #BFS Tag

Yesterday, @aforgrave and I were tossing around some comments about BitstripsforSchools product, licensed for all educators in the Province of Ontario.  In the middle of one of the responses from Andy, he used the tag #BFS.  In Twitter, if you include that tag, it directs you to all messages tagged similarly.   It’s a great way to continue the conversation even with those who aren’t friends or followers at the moment.

So, let’s do it.  If you’re posting an image or making a comment about the Bitstrips for Schools software, include it.

Later yesterday, @shannoninottawa jumped in with support for the concept.  In a post to her blog, she share with us the fact that 8C was working with the product and finally had their class picture together and ready for display.

Class picture of 8C via Bitstrips
What a great looking class!  The only conservative looking person is the teacher!

Yesterday, as well, @zbpipe was asking about embedding images.  It’s probably not going to be immediately possible as images are stored in class accounts which require a login.  However, as Shannon has demonstrated in her post, there are a variety of ways that you can capture the image once you’re logged in and share them in a blog post.

Once they’re in a blog post, it’s very simple to repurpose them as done here.  Great job, 8C!

So, it’s important that we all know what’s going on as we roll out this product.  The concept of the BFS tag is powerful.  Let’s get everyone on board.  Tag your great content so that we can all enjoy it!

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2 responses to “The #BFS Tag”

  1. Doug, just to clarify, BitStrips (and all OSAPAC software) is open to only Public or Catholic educators; educators in independent schools are not eligible. It’s entirely tangent to your post but there is a population of educators (and thus students) in the province excluded from the software reserve.
    And I say this with no benefit to myself; we have all the software we need at my school but there are other, less well-funded, schools that would benefit from the software they are denied.


  2. The software is actually licensed by the Ministry of Education. OSAPAC is a committee that advises the Ministry on the titles to license.


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