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Normally, I blog in the morning.  However, what I wanted to blog about was something that I wanted to spend some time with before I put my thoughts together.

SMART Technologies, the folks who have given us the SMART Boards and SMART Ideas, have a new version of the SMART Notebook software.  If you’re accustomed to using the regular Notebook software, you know that it’s a BIG download from their website.  Then, if you want to use the gallery, there’s an even bigger download.  It’s worth the wait though because it brings huge functionality to working with and developing content for the SMART Interactive White Board.

Over the past while, we’ve seen productivity suites go to the web.  Google Docs and Zoho, to name a couple, give you an entirely different view towards the concept of what a word processor or a survey tool might be.

Into the Interactive Whiteboard market, comes SMART’s recent entry.  The Notebook software goes to the web.


Well, you’re not going to confuse the web application with the real one.  It’s designed to run on the web, load quickly, and give you some basic SMART Board functionality.  You’re not going to have access to a gallery or the Lesson Activity Toolkit for creating a presentation from scratch.  What you will get though is a Notebook player that lets you upload and use a Notebook document on any computer that’s connected to the web.  Just upload a Notebook file and you’ve got the functionality to interact with it.  You’ve got access to some of the more used tools.  The drawing tool and the text tool let you draw and markup existing Notebook documents.

I suspect that it’s early in the development game.  It took a while for me to find a Notebook file on my computer that would work.  I kept getting invalid data when I tried uploading some of my tried and true local applications.  I got a message for some of the really big ones that they were too big in size.  Fair enough.

But, I persisted and found one that did work.  And, it worked very nicely.  It had all of the functionality that I would expect from the subset of tools that are provided and they worked nicely.

I was very impressed that the developers were able to take this product to the web. Kudos to them.  There is nothing to have preloaded – just have the Adobe Flash player installed and you’re good to go.

You can try out the application online by clicking here.

Disclaimer:  I’m not receiving any compensation for this posting but I am a SMART Certified Trainer and I work with a SMART Board, SMART Notebook software and SMART Ideas software daily.

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